From Professor William Raffeld-UIC School of Theater & Music

“I wanted to convey to you tonight while it was still in my memory how brilliant the play Allos was!! I could not stay for the talk back for the play since I have to be out of the house by 8 a.m. tomorrow- but please tell the actors, director/playwright how terrific their work was in Allos. The script was very tight, focussed and the language really created the dynamic of the play and/ story and characters. The use of the stage and the set up was so creative- minimalist theater at its best. Superb direction. The sound track and -music and sound effects really placed the audience in each scene so clearly and made you feel you were right there. And the actors were superb-their characterizations were distinct, completely believeable and emotionally affecting. And their sense of ensemble was electric. The actors vocal and physical body language was excellent and contributed so much to the truth of their characterizations – It was truly a work of art and of the kind of theatre in which you were not only entertained but learned something of the history of the Filpino experience and that of Carlos Bulosan. This is a major piece of theatre. I hope the company continues to do something in keeping it alive!!! I now want to read some of the work of Carlos Bulosan, too. Congratulations! Again, please convey this to the company!”