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CIRCA PINTIG participates in 100 Acts of Resistance


Listening. The lost art. Do we know each other? Do we see each other? Can we listen? Connect? Transcend? 100 Acts of Resistance taps the talents of Chicagoland’s diverse artist community to explore acts of resistance, large and small. It’s a chance to leave the echo chamber of our own personal politics. It’s an opportunity to listen and connect with our communities, our struggles, and our strategies to transcend the divisiveness that dominates the national conversation. Using art to… Make. America. Great.

May 4th and 6th, CIRCA-PINTIG’s “The Perfect American” by Conrad A. Panganiban

Synopsis: THE PERFECT AMERICAN is a comedy about a strong-willed Filipina entrepreneur named Beverly Marie Spencer whose mission in life is to teach new immigrants how to become the “perfect” American. Along with the help of her teenage son, she seeks out to make this dream a reality during a live audition with a cable tv executive as part of the living room audience. Her TV Dreams are turned sideways by a meddling grocery store clerk from Kyrgyzstan and a mysterious person from her past. The play asks, “How much is a person willing to give up to reach the American Dream?”


CIRCA-PINTIG Annual History Costume and Salu-Salo Fundraiser
Bring Family & Friends. Share your Martial Law Horror Stories!
WHEN: Saturday, Oct 27, 6pm – 10pm
WHERE: Hana Center, 4300 N. California, Chicago, IL
THEME: Philippine History / Martial Law
TICKETS: $5 for 6-12 years old
                 $15 for 13 years old and above
                 FREE for children 5 years old and under
There will be prizes for Best Costume and Most Horrifying Story — Children & Adult Categories. Come share Filipino food and stories from Philippine history!