We appreciate your Donation

After 27 years, CIRCA PINTIG renews its vows to cultural work!

Celebrate. Appreciate. Donate!  WE in CIRCA PINTIG believe in the critical role of community arts in promoting social justice. Through theater performances and workshops, we tell stories and create dialogue from our own interpretation of history and culture. After 27 years of cultural work, CIRCA PINTIG renews its commitment to this important work as it breathes life into new stories and challenges of the new political environment.

CIRCA PINTIG could not have endured the many challenges that came its way without the support of its volunteers, audiences, donors, funding agencies and community partners. It is this shared partnership that made CIRCA PINTIG last for 27 years. It is also this shared partnership and vision of change that continue to inspire CIRCA PINTIG’s artists and volunteers. As we move ahead into the future, CIRCA PINTIG enjoins the community to become part of our organizational mission and future programming.

If you would like to make a donation, please send a check to “CIRCA Pintig” at 2429 W. Jarvis, Chicago, IL 60645.