Children’s Theatre Summer Workshop

CIRCA Pintig is proud to present a new children’s initiative this summer. The Children’s Theater Workshop for Summer 2013 is an arts program aimed at providing fun, creative and culturally dynamic space for children aged 5-9. The workshop is highly improvisational;exploring games and activities that integrate creative drama, visual arts, creative sound and music and storytelling using Asian folklore and mythology. The 4-week workshop will culminate in a showcase theater presentation performed by the kids that will be open to the public.

fun, drama, and folktales

See the press release here.

Currently, we are offering a summer-long workshop for children, ages 5-9. Find out more about this workshop through our Children’s Theater Workshop page, where you can read more about our program.

Goals and Objectives:
To explore creative potentials of children by providing them with games and exercises that stimulate artistic expression.
To create a fun atmosphere of cross-cultural sharing through storytelling and theater performance using the rich tapestry of Asian folklore and mythology as narrative focus.
To help build self-confidence, teamwork and communication skills among children using participatory approach of art creation.

Curriculum Design:
The curriculum takes it inspiration from Viola Spolin’s improvisatory and game approach in stimulating creative expression among children. The curriculum will make use of the storytelling device as the organizing technique in exploring children’s creative imagination and as the unifying structure for the actual theater performance. The overall design is broken down into weekly modules.

Week 1: Integrated Arts Workshop. Exploring an integrated approach incorporating drawing, painting, role-playing, sound improvisation and creative dance and movement

Week 2: Theater for Children. Drama improvisations through dramatic skits, costume improvisation, mask-making and role-playing

Week 3: Folktales & Myths. Introduction to the play for performance. Cultural input and story sharing

Week 4: Rehearsal/Performance: Final Showcase, August 2, Friday, 4pm

Schedule: July 8 – August 2, Monday to Friday, 9-4pm, 4 weeks

Workshop Fee: $750 per child. Please make all checks payable to CIRCA Pintig.

No of Participants: Maximum of 15-20, Minimum of 10

Venue: Mooh Dulce, 2602 W. Fullerton and Rockwell