Appeal Letter to CIRCA-Pintig Family & Friends

Dear CIRCA-Pintig Family and Friends,

Warmest greetings!

You may be wondering what we’ve been up to since our 25th anniversary season in 2016. As you may remember, back then we focused our programs and performances around the issue of domestic workers and the passage of the Illinois Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. After that successful campaign, we turned our focus internally and engaged in a collective “soul-searching” so to speak.

The past couple of years have been quite challenging for us in CIRCA-Pintig (CP). After two decades of existence, we are faced with the proverbial and pragmatic question of “what are we going to do next?” Given that most of the former working board members and active volunteers have stepped back, if not moved on, those of us who stayed behind along with the new “brave hearts”, have begun the painstaking task of “reflecting, reorganizing & revitalizing” (our urgent 3R’s).

While our “urgent 3R’s” continue to be work-in-progress, we are excited to announce that we now have a new Governing Board that shall lead the way as CP embarks on a new chapter in its history. CP’s 2018 season will revolve around the overarching theme of “Trauma, Healing and Social Justice”. When we speak of trauma, we refer to the many levels of experiences – personal/individual, community, country, world – within a social justice framework. For instance, the recent high school shooting in Florida, the separation of families with undocumented members, the extrajudicial killings in Philippines, etc. all involve violence and trauma. Yet, when people gather together to support those left behind or form alliances to oppose human rights violations, or protest against unjust laws, the possibilities and spaces for healing emerge, if not, become created. These possibilities are what excite and inspire us in CP to continue what we’ve begun over 27 years ago.

This is why we now come to you. We would like to invite you to be our partner once again in this new journey. On April 29, we will be holding our 27th Anniversary Benefit event at the Drury Lane in Oakbrook, IL from 6pm-11pm. Our goal is to raise $10k in donations and pledges by then as seed money for our summer workshops from June-August. These workshops are critical and central to our work and will include community dialogues, research and data gathering for script-development as well as educational-dramatic activities around this year’s theme. All these activities will culminate in our major production in the Fall.

As in the past, we have relied largely on support from people like you.  We hope that you will support our fundraising campaign kick-off on April 29th and make it possible for us to reach our seed fund goal of $10k in at least one of the following ways – (1) Purchase a dinner-show ticket for $50/person; (2) Become an Arts Donor by donating at least $100 or pledging at least $20/mo for 5 months; or (3) Contribute any amount.

One of us will be following up with you in the coming days. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us at 773.480.4824 or visit our website at for more information.  We look forward to your generous support. Talk to you soon.  Best regards.